Carrier Air ConditionerEnjoy greater comfort with none of the worry. Enroll in a maintenance agreement from Libby Twins to protect your budget, air quality, and daily life from air conditioner malfunctions and inefficiency. Our fully licensed and insured professionals handle the upkeep of your cooling system to ensure superior performance, extended service life, and higher return from your investment. Whether your system is old or new, it will benefit from conscientious tuning and adjustment. Minor difficulties are addressed before they graduate into major malfunctions, warding of the majority of repair needs. Safe operation is validated to prevent energy waste, property damage or health risks. Warranty stipulations are met to ensure continued coverage. Leave it up to the dedicated team from Libby Twins, and you’ll enjoy interrupted comfort season after season.

You expect a lot from your cooling system. Living in DeBary or any of the surrounding areas, your air conditioner carries a long and heavy workload, meeting intense demand for temperature control, filtration, and dehumidification. The only way your equipment can keep up, and keep costs down, is through seasonal maintenance. The factory trained specialists from Libby Twins perform a necessary list of tasks designed to promote a well-functioning, dependable HVAC system. All components are checked for functionality, tightness, and wear. An in-depth cleaning is completed. And when maintenance is handled in the spring, before the heat sets in, there’s plenty of time to order and install any needed replacement parts. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Libby Twins relies on Factory Authorized Parts to restore original efficiency and sound levels.

A Clean Air Conditioner Is A Happy Home

A neglected cooling system often becomes a habitat for mold. The warm, damp conditions are the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Mold colonies concealed within a cooling unit are perfectly conditioned to enter the airstream when cooling is activated, presenting a serious health risk. Some of the more unpleasant things that can be hidden deep in the inner workings include dust, pollen, dander, bugs, webs, decomposing rodents, feces, algae, and mildew. Professional service eliminates these contaminants, promotes superior filtration, and ensures an ample supply of clean, cool air for you and your family to breathe. If not handled properly, debris will gradually clog the system, restricting air flow, leading to inefficiency, poor cooling capacity, and system failure.

Contact Libby Twins For Expert AC Maintenance

If your cooling system is not operating in peak condition, it’s definitely costing your more money to run. A neglected system is an inefficient system. You may notice a decrease in comfort, sticky air, musty smells, screeching or grinding sounds, dripping, icing over, endless cycles, and higher utility bills. Those are all signs of much bigger problems on the way. The solution is simple, convenient, and affordable. Contact the experienced technicians from Libby Twins for comprehensive and cost-effective service. As a family owned and operated local business, we’ve been taking very good care of our customers since 1972. We’ve built longstanding relationships with our clients through superior service and superior results. Our courteous and dedicated team of professionals are always ready to protect your comfort.